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X-TRON Revolution


Get ready to Experience the 6 ways of earning massive TRX on X-TRON Revolution! 🌏


🔰Weekly Pledge Fund

🔰Top 50 Sponsor Program

🔰Overriding Commission

🔰Leadership Rewards

🔰Direct Referral Bonus

🔰X-TRON Power Matrix System

-Min 200 TRX per slot, no limits

-Pledge 100 TRX per week



These features are made and crafted for the benefit of the community, We want YOU to earn massively in a safe way with us!🌏🚀


See you there! 🌏🚀


Link to register with first 200 TRX package


Revolution compensation PDF - CLICK HERE

Steps to register in X-TRON REVOLUTION MATRIX


📈 # 1 Download The TRONLINK WALLET.


For android



For apple



For PC (Chrome extension)



📈 # 2 Save your SEED (Seeds, 12 Words) for safe place.

Remember buy Tron's (TRX) from some trusted exchange (or swap other cryptos to TRX) and send those to your new TronLink wallet


📈 # 3 You deposit the amount you want to invest


📈 # 4 You copy the following link on "sponsor box/register box":


📈 # 5 Open your TRONLINK Wallet and go to the Menu at the bottom, on the Left and click on the Discover.


📈 # 6 You paste the following link in the wallet browser.


📈 # 7 Check Your Balance. Always leave 50 TRX for transactions + check your wallet that you have enough energy and Bandwith, then you are raedy to buy so many ticket as you want. (What are TRON Bandwidth and Energy?)


📈 # 8 Just click register (The minimum amount with 200 TRX. Remember to leave 50 TRX for transactions.) and confirm.

Use also additional buy ticket/pledge options. 200 TRX per ticket, no limits and Pledge 100 TRX per one week period.

NOW you are register, check your own Tron wallet to make sure your registration payment was succesful, after that copy your own link and share that for others.
Give instructions forward how you did it.

If problems, Freeze at least 100 TRX in your wallet and be sure you have 50 TRX for fees and then paid your 200 TRX for registration and start earning and invite others and earn more.

If still problems, contact us:


Whatsapp X-Tron Revolution Matrix Support


Telegram X-Tron Revolution Matrix Support

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