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Tron FLOW Plus is the best ROI smart contract ever!

💥Minimum investment 1000 TRX
💥The ROI is 2.5% per day😍
💥Double your Funds - Get +100% interest from your active capital. You will recover your active capital while earning interest.
💥Referral Levels 10% comission will be shared in 5 levels of referrals. Referral comissions will increase your total active capital for more daily profit and to help system’s sustainability.
💥Tron Flow Plus includes investment insurance for all his investors. This insurance will cover all losses if any. This means that no one who invests in Tron Flow Plus will lose. 10% of all withdrawals will be sent directly to non-smartcontract external investment funds which will generate yields that will help cover the insurance of all investors. Once the insurance is activated the yields will be transformed back into trx and settle the losses of all the accounts.🔥
💥When you make withdraw, you need to wait 7 days to make next withdraw

Tron Flow SIMPLY has the features for sustainability..🚀




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Steps to register in TRON FLOW


📈 # 1 Download The TRONLINK WALLET.


For android



For apple



For PC (Chrome extension)



📈 # 2 Save your SEED (Seeds, 12 Words).

+++Remember buy Tron (TRX) from exchange (or swap other cryptos to TRX) and send those to your new TronLink wallet+++


📈 # 3 You deposit the amount you want to invest


📈 # 4 You copy the following link on "sponsor box":


📈 # 5 Open your TRONLINK Wallet and go to the Menu at the bottom, on the Left and click on the Discover.


📈 # 6 You paste the following link in the wallet browser.


📈 # 7 Check Your Balance. Always leave 100 TRX for transactions. And invest the rest that you want to invest.


📈 # 8 Put the amount of TRX (The minimum amount with 1000 TRX. Remember to leave 10 TRX for transactions.) And give the INVEST Option and confirm.