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OnPassive Product Line

OnPassive O-Products / Product Line


O-Cademy, O-Connect, O-Wallet, O-Net, O-Bless, O-Mylife etc..

We have already started testing with a few products, March 1, 2021 will start products for people who are already involved as a founder.

The products come to the founders in the GoFounders section of their back office.
See more information about your founder (GoFounders) back office and if you are not already involved, join via the link below and become a founder before it's too late.


At official launch founder positions will closed permanently. Then starting 7-day free trial to become a reseller or customer.


You get automatic earning through our platform and that is how you collect your first one-time payment out of your pocket.
After that your monthly payments goes automatically from your automatic earnings. We are launching Q2 2021

You will receive all products for one monthly fee, future products will also be included in the same fee.

O-Bless OnPassive product

A unified crowd funding platform connecting causes with people.

Step forward for a good cause that changes the World.

Create thoughtful and effective funding campaigns for causes.

Key features of O-Bless

O-Bless gives an opportunity to people to relate causes with the community. It comes with multiple features that allows every person interested to showcase a project and get funded while getting the chance to get a platform to get recognition for an innovation. Recurring Donations.
Create a useful campaign page. Upload engaging and motivating videos. Create profile pages for causes and backers. Content change w.r.t product campaing approvals. Access to admin boards and reports.

OnPassive O-Bless product


Its the path your business takes!
Founders back office log in. Become a founder use this link

O-Cademy OnPassive product

An advanced learning management system with AI enabled functionalities.

Get access to a platform to explore your ideas

Utilize its multi-faceted platform to create courses or learn uninterrupted.

Key features of O-Cademy

At O-Cademy, we provide the tools and skills to teach and learn what you love. Our vision is to construct the World's most extensive educational repository.
Video quality and speed adjustment. Bulk videos updating. Multi-lingual content. Unique and adaptable. Category wise filtration. Facial recognition.

OnPassive O-Cademy Product

O-Wallet OnPassive product

Simplifying and securing every transaction
with a highly advanced digital wallet.

O-Wallet is an AI-powered digital mobile wallet application

O-Wallet will utilize Facial Recognition as an additional security layer before initiating any financial transaction.

Key features of O-Wallet

Built for hassle-free online payments for the ONPASSIVE ecosystem with all the features and rewards you love. O-Wallet is an AI-powered digital mobile wallet application offering numerous features:
Easy and fast self-registration. Stores Credit and Debit Card information. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payments. Safe and secure. Fraud detection feature. Instant Payments Between Wallets. Merchant Payments via Contactless Technologies NFC or QR code Scanning.

OnPassive O-Wallet Product

O-Mail OnPassive product

A highly secure mailing tool that redefines connectivity personally and professionally.

Organizational Communication in a hassle-free manner.

Switch to an easy and effort-less way to communicate at your workplace.


Key features of O-Mail

O-Mail, an AI-powered email service comes with multiple features that enhance the ease with which you send and receive mails and manage your contacts. It is a convenient and a user-friendly solution to all your e-mailing needs.
Customize and enable notifications. Schedule e-mails. Get unlimited storage space. Access online and offline calendars. Sync e-mails across multiple devices. Import contacts from old e-mail to your O-Mail account.

OnPassive O-Mail Product

O-Net OnPassive product

An advanced and all-encompassing applicationto Step-up your social Network.

A revolutionary Social Networking platform

Helps you connect with your friends and family and discover new ones.

Key features of O-Net

O-Net has reliably evolved with advanced AI technology to fit its users' requirements and attract new ones.
Events and marketplace. News feed and timeline. Meaningful discussions and high-quality content sharing. Reactions. Messages and inbox. Notifications and groups.

OnPassive O-Net Product

O-Shop OnPassive product

A one stop shop for all your enterprise stationery needs.

Transform the way you do business with World's leading brands

Create an environment and opportunities to nurture your interests and passion.

Key features of O-Shop

We provide you with top-quality customized printed products at affordable prices and niche quality.
Download High resolution and customized pictures. Product sorting and segmenting. Wishlist. O-Wallet integration. Personalized products. Multi-lingual options.

OnPassive O-Shop Product

O-Counting OnPassive product

An intricate tool that simplifies and automates your accounting needs.

Automating accounting to ease your inventory management.

Optimize how you keep your accounts records and manage every aspect of your business with the AI-powered O-Counting tool.

Key features of O-Counting

O-Counting gives you that unparalleled ease and efficiency that you deserve with all your accounting needs. Spanning from inventory management, recording receivables, payables, monitoring expenses and so much more, O-Counting redefines every accounting aspect for you.
Update the order processing, account receiving and payable details. Avail multi-currency policy. View and update branch inventory details from anywhere. USP handle multiple accounts in different locations.

OnPassive O-Counting Product

O-Staff OnPassive product

Integrated with the latest AI technology OSTAFF is the next-gen solution to all your HRM needs.

Automate your company administrative and recruiting process.

Redefine the way you manage your resources with an intricately built AI-powered next-gen tool.


Key features of O-Staff

Bringing a new edge to how you manage your resources O-Staff introduces the new way of automating management. Know about the multiple features that our AI-enabled HRMS tool O-Staff comes with.
ESS and MSS. Employee information management. Time and attendance management. Recruiting and hiring. Leave management. Payroll management. Employee Onboarding.
AI Voice search technology allows employees to check holiday list, leave information, organization information and much more.

OnPassive O-Staff Product

O-Tracker OnPassive product

A pioneering geo tracking application with features to enhance your brand positioning.

Track and trace the Ips

Know who is visiting your website.


Key features of O-Tracker

O-Tracker is fast, free and accurate way to find the IP address location. The tool has intuitive dashboard that offers valuable insights to the user. There are several added advantages to the product and they are listed below

Identify click frauds. Visitor statistical reports. Predictive analysis. Generate user heat-map. User conversion reports. Schedule Geo-fencing. Accurate Geo-location. User demographic reports.

OnPassive O-Tracker Product

O-Post OnPassive product

A one step reach tool allowing brands to send hassle free emails.

Built on the next-generation customer commitment and engagement platform.

Change to a robust suite of services within a solitary, user-friendly solution.

Key features of O-Post

Reach out to your customer base at a go with a tool that is highly secure and integrated with the best features to enhance every experience. O-Post offers you a smart way to fulfill all your E-mail Marketing needs.
World class support. E-mail message automation. Adding and removing email subscribers. Easy integration. Decicated IP address. Mobile and desktop responsive templates. Built-in design and spam testing. Reasonable sending limits and unlimited options.

OnPassive O-Post Product

O-Connect OnPassive product

Connecting the world in an Instant!

Get access to the most reliable AV Conferencing platform engineered to perfection with the best AI Business tools.

Key features of O-Connect

Bring in an unsurpassable ease and quality to every online meeting you have. With a platform that is AI-enabled and steeped with the latest features, O-Connect gives every online interaction a new experience.
Attractive chat emojis. Schedule events, convert speech to text. Auto language translation. Send invite by e-mail address. Direct link to YouTube. Integrated links to external URL.

OnPassive O-Connect product

O-Peer OnPassive product

The tool for Communication at your Workstation.

Internal Communication tool to improve performance for businesses.

Key features of O-Peer

The features of O-Peer help in seamless communication which is highly useful for increased productivity and output at a workplace. Office communication should be easy and be done in an instant. The highly engineered features of O-Peer help in easy interaction at the workplace.
Easy collaboration. Personalized dashboard. No third-party involvement. Secure communication platform. Instant messaging. Send messages, share and store files.

OnPassive O-Peer product

O-Virtual OnPassive product

Secure your network, anywhere!

The VPN for encryption of data and network accounts.

Key features of O-Virtual

It is important for data to be stored in a secured platform. The features of O-Virtual are helpful for business organizations to protect confidential information in a highly encrypted database that is free from any kind of hacking intrusions and attacks.
Access information from anywhere. High definition streaming. Avoid high risk connections. Allows extension of VPN across various devices. Analyses internet quality. Disables tracking.

OnPassive O-Virtual product

O-Domain OnPassive product
Domain registration and Web hosting platform

Give your brand the identity that will give it the lead it needs to excel.

Key feature of O-Domain

A cloud storage facility that helps you register and store all your web information on the secured storage facility. We are trusted partners of your business that offers you wide range of domain name endings for your website. Some of our key-features
Host both business and personal websites with high security. Provision of SSL certificates to secure the domain and improve brand's image. User-friendly interface to instantly know the domain value. Buy single or bulk domains names. Domain registration cloud storage. Easy to customize with the right codecs. Enabled with a chat bot to improve customer management. The chat-bot is self-programmed to understand the context and respond with necessary actions.

OnPassive O-Domain product

O-Chat OnPassive product

A conversational agent for your business

An Easy to deploy sales agent

Key features of O-Chat

O-Chat is designed to cater to your customer’s needs and issues. The smart chat boat analyzes he customer’s urgency and makes necessary escalations.
Listed below are some of its additional key features.
Integrates with CRM. Omni-capable. Emotionally intelligent. Autonomous reasoning. Free to explore. Pre-Trained. Right answers in a flash. Conversational maturity.

OnPassive O-Chat product

OnPassive Product Line.


O-Trim, O-Capture, O-Create, O-Lead, O-Dit.


And more is coming all products with one time monthly payment. The next monthly fee you pay for future income through the system.