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US-based Onpassive opens India headquarters in Hyderabad - 4th Dec 2020

The facility will accommodate 380 employees now, which will spike up to over 1,000 next year


Hyderabad: US-based Onpassive, a provider of predictive, intelligent business automation services, opened its first facility in India at HITEC City, Hyderabad. The campus will serve as the head office for India operations.

The new facility at present has 380 staff members and will soon become home for over 1,000 employees by 2021 and will continue to grow steadily in the coming years.


Onpassive CEO Ash Mufareh who joined the team virtually from the USA for the inauguration, said, “The way we have grown over these few months is definitely remarkable. The new campus will be the head office of Onpassive India, and we plan to expand pan-India in the years to come.”

It is an Artificial Intelligence-centric company, which is dedicated to creating Completely Automated, Targeted traffic and Money (CATMO) generating business solutions, which bypasses the need for direct selling and recruiting.

Entrepreneurs with an existing new business can use the company’s products to create a digital footprint or increase their online customer base. Onpassive is the Total Internet Solution (TIS) with a complete ecosystem of tools and applications.

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Onpassive building unified, inclusive digital platform - 11th Jan 2021

The company that recently opened its India headquarters in Hyderabad is developing 50 products


Hyderabad: US-based Onpassive, a provider of predictive, intelligent business automation services, which opened its India head office in Hyderabad recently, is creating one holistic and inclusive solutions platform driven by artificial intelligence that meets digital needs of enterprises, non-profit organisations, governments, academia and other segments.


The company is creating a digital platform that will integrate 40-50 unique and original products developed by its engineers and software developers from across the world, including its Hyderabad team. The company is going to be ready with over 10-12 products by the end of this month, of the overall targeted products.

Onpassive CEO Ash Mufareh told Telangana Today, “We focus on people- centric business and are creating one broad-based technology solution. We want to be a value and customer experience driven solution provider catering to varied needs of communication, human resource management, book keeping, accounting, monetisation of business, financial solutions, marketing and education. We will share profits with our resellers and users with our unique business model.”

The company believes communication and marketing tools could be the first set of solutions that will be quickly adopted by businesses and individuals. Onpassive wants to break the monopoly in several segments that it is targeting.

“Onpassive has already come out with ‘Otracker’ that tracks every IP address and acts as a foundation for data that is based on location, language and product a user has registered for. Everybody on the digital platform will have a dedicated domain name,” he added.

Mufareh said digital is data and Onpassive uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics to derive data insights to benefit clients yet ensure them of data privacy across the value chain and platform. Onpassive will not monetise any data generated on the platform.
Advantage Hyderabad

When asked why the company chose India and Hyderabad for its operations, he said, “There is no place in the world that offers the talent, brain, skill level and the intelligence in information technology than India. Hyderabad particularly offered a mix of benefits to the company than any other city in the country, be it Kolkata or Bengaluru. Hyderabad is a well organised ecosystem with better culture and talent pool.”

“Not only for technology and product development, India also offers a huge end-user market that will help Onpassive expand its business rapidly. We are also catering to markets such as Austria, Switzerland and Portugal but India remains a major market in the world because of its large population and user base,” he added.

India today represents 40 per cent of the active user base of Onpassive, surpassing the US customer base already. India will cross 50 per cent soon. The company today offers its solutions across 20 countries. There are 4 lakh users in the pre-launch stage of the platform, which is soon going to touch 5 lakh.

Onpassive aims to become a unicorn company ($1 billion in 10 years) as well as super-unicorn ($10 billion in 10 years) company. The company remains debt-free as of now.

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Issues related to poverty and wealth especially their uneven distribution have preoccupied mankind for generations.


They have been generating debates, economic analyses and studies as well as contributing to the generation of civil strife, revolutions and wars across the globe. Even the flow of development aid and the rapid growth of charity organisations have not done much in closing the poverty gap. Rather, lip service to poverty alleviation has been readily available and in abundance. As if to add salt to injury, the Coronavirus struck. Economies virtually collapsed, many businesses closed and jobs were lost in millions. Not so strangely enough, many billionaires multiplied their billions.

Several studies agree. Rand Corporation’s Jason Ward and Rebecca Kilburn in The Lopsided Telework Revolution observe that the effects of COVID19 have exacerbated inequality trends already in motion, adding that those who are so badly affected are mostly essential workers in low wage jobs in which telecommuting is almost impossible. Marco Hafner et al also of Rand Corporation describe a vaccine nationalism that is costing the global economy $1.2 trillion a year in GDP. And Chuck Collins of the Institute for Policy Studies writing for CNN Business shows “extreme wealth inequality”, calls it a “preexisting condition” and warns that unless we “act intentionally” in reversing inequality, the pandemic recovery will supercharge our existing inequalities in income, wealth and opportunity.

So having established that COVID-19 is widening the poverty gap and making an already bad situation worse, it means that someone needed to do something in line with what Collins means by acting intentionally in reversing inequality. And then….


In these circumstances, it now seems increasing evident to me that when, in mid 2018 or thereabouts, a certain Ash Mufareh (an IT and E-marketing guru) nursed a business idea which morphed into an Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Information Technology (IT) company called ONPASSIVE, the problem of uneven distribution of wealth was a key part of his thinking. Or, if this was not the case at the very beginning, that component certainly worked its way into the scheme of things as the organizing principle while the structures of ONPASSIVE gradually took shape.

In other words, Mr Mufareh and ONPASSIVE made bold to begin laying the groundwork for addressing this tricky centuries-old problem of poverty by injecting humanity into the business planning and structures in ways that are smartly innovative and morally upbeat.

THE VISION ONPASSIVE is, admittedly, a massive business idea which includes dozens of IT products and portfolios all driven by AI. Its products and services amount to a Total Internet Solution; a One-Stop Shop, so to speak. A few questions inevitably arise if one must understand Mufareh’s vision in ONPASSIVE. Is ONPASSIVE open to the highest bidder? How does it distribute its profit? Is the CEO inclined to accumulating profit as part of the race to head the list of the world’s billionaires? Or is he looking at other higher human ideals? Can he do business the way other big tech companies are doing and expect different results?

Apparently, ONPASSIVE’S vision is embedded in these questions and and shows that innovation is Mufareh’s thing. He kept ONPASSIVE away from the millionaires of Wall Street and opened it up to ordinary people in the nooks and crannies of the the world, in 212 territories, states and countries, then offered them founding positions at just $97. Most tellingly of the vision, he devised an innovative payment plan which is limitless in its generosity and completely automated. The plan shares wealth in a way that increasingly creates millionaires in the world. It is designed to speak in a way that assures those who are less fortunate that financial independence is possible and achievable and that business, especially big business, can indeed have a human face. And that humanity is observable in the company’s content, context and structure.


ONPASSIVE’S top brass and other associates have frequently referred to Mr Mufareh as “a man with a heart” they have come to know and to love.They also refer to Onpassive as a company with a heart. So who has the heart, the man, the company or both? It sounds convenient to assume that the heart left the man for the company. However, it is also probable that the man assembled a business idea that would make money in ways different from existing models. Perhaps the only model that surfaced was one that could do things differently for different results with a human face. Assuming that this was the case, one can proceed to say that the original humane idea in what initially appeared may have triggered Mufareh’s own humanity.

Whichever way your thinking may take you on this, what is important, even at this moment of ONPASSIVE’s prelaunch is that the humane is undeniably evident in the man and in the company. Both the hearts of Mufareh and ONPASSIVE shine their light of humanity on each other and by so doing manure themselves for growth and sustenance. In effect, ONPASSIVE has settled fairly firmly on the vision that sharing wealth with a large community of founders and resellers around the world in a fair, equitable and generous manner is much better than occasional charity and hand outs.

Mr Mufareh himself has emphasized this point more directly. Accumulating mountains of wealth in the midst of generalised poverty cannot give genuine satisfaction and fulfilment. Impacting lives does. And ONPASSIVE, with humanity already in its DNA, seems set to do just that.


ONPASSIVE is in the finishing stages of prelaunch. Will its presence be a paradigm shift? Can it influence in a significant way the manner in which business is done on/offline? Can it impact the world economy POST-COVID? In other words, will it be business as usual?


The tendency is to assume that nothing will change considering that human nature is more keen on grabbing and keeping than otherwise.


Notwithstanding the precedence that exists, I invite you to look at a few indicators that ONPASSIVE is likely to position the world where we may witness a shift in a different direction. One of its leaders Dr Bill Williams has gone as far as to say that it’s like resetting the clock to point zero. Whether Dr Williams’s optimism will go full circle remains a real possibility.
But it is important for us to note that in all of this, the company’s size is an important factor.

ONPASSIVE is already valued as a unicorn company while still in prelaunch. There is no precedence to this record. It brings together all of what the world currently knows as IT products and portfolios, developed from the ground up using AI. Again no precedence! It’s a one-stop shop for IT products, integrated into a single sign in and ONPASSIVE is the first to attempt this. Also, the company has incorporated a certain humanity into its thinking and structures that is witnessed by a virtually unlimited payment matrix and a lot more.

Above all, ONPASSIVE currently encourages and accepts founders who are essentially poor, ordinary people from all the nooks and crannies of the globe.

With all this in view, there is a reasonable basis to believe that there will be a major realignment of all the IT forces already occupying the terrain. Said differently, there will be a fierce struggle for space. And such a struggle, triggered by ONPASSIVE’s entry is what a lot of people anticipate as “a shake up of the internet”, “an
internet earthquake” or “an internet revolution”.

More importantly, ONPASSIVE’s human face component, evident in its generous compensation plan, is likely to be replicated around the world and in a variety of fields. Others may do it not necessarily out of their own volition but because public pressure will mount for big companies ( which hitherto hoarded wealth) to revisit the way profits are shared. Furthermore, all it takes for others to follow ONPASSIVE’s direction is for the company to show success. And I dare say that the shift will be massive, after all, success they say, has many friends. That’s probably when the rest of the world will begin to understand ONPASSIVE’s concept, vision and impact as a paradigm shift. CEO Mufareh has alluded to the possibility of “giving birth” to several Mother Theresas in several places, a reference to the possible changes that these “births” imply for those places and the new direction.

The idea of replication is very important in reasonably understanding ONPASSIVE as a paradigm shift or as impacting the world economy in a direction not evident before today.

An individual or company, for instance, inspired by ONPASSIVE’s model or pressured by the public to be more humane or even just the urge to be competitive can do so according to its size and space. That space can be a household, a neighbourhood, a village, a town, a country, a sub region or a continent. Imagine that in the private sector the ONPASSIVE model is replicated in all fields and spaces and across the board. And think of the drastic changes in the lives of millions of people working in the retail chains, the hotel industry, in banking, in the auto industry, the airlines, etc.

Again, imagine the example of ONPASSIVE influencing governments to be more people friendly and to open up affordable shares with generous commissions in state owned companies to its workers and other poor people.

In addition to their salaries, the shares and their commissions will make their lives more meaningful in a significant way.

Equally envisage a situation in which a mine worker in South Africa or Zambia, a plantation worker in Cameroon’s Agro-industrial complex (CDC) or a security guard/worker in an oil company in Nigeria owning shares in such companies and receiving part of the profit they toil daily to generate. This can be huge! This can be a seismic shift in economic terms!

Mr Mufareh has repeatedly said that ONPASSIVE is bigger than he thought, bigger than he sees and bigger than most people can appreciate. My own testimony is that I initially intended to write a paragraph or two in anticipation of “an ONPASSIVE Effect” but ended up with several paragraphs because there was an urge to keep writing in spite of what I actually set out to do. I eventually forced myself to a stop. Truly, ONPASSIVE’s potential for growth is simply incredible.


Will there be resistance to this kind of thinking in terms of sharing wealth? Certainly! And a lot of it! Nothing good has ever come easy, nor will it ever be. Many individuals, companies and governments are already used to grabbing and hoarding wealth and living in opulence, the oasis of widespread poverty. When criticism mounts, they do a bit of “charity”, sometimes seen as an elitist survival strategy.

They will certainly be quick to tag plans at sharing wealth in a more equitable way as communism or a branch of it. I call it fair game. Mufareh and ONPASSIVE are putting in place “fair game” and I am pretty sure that the rest of the marginalised world will see it as such. In the same vein, Mr Mr Mufareh has appealed to ONPASSIVE’s close to 500,000 founders to use part of their commissions to create Mother Theresa impacts in their communities, in short, to play fair game. Inevitably, ONPASSIVE will get bigger and bigger in content, quality, quantity, vision and, above all, in its humanity. And in doing so, will more likely than not, carry along the rest of the world with it.


Individuals or forces attempting to resist or reverse the ONPASSIVE effect will find that they are facing the proverbial Hydra. You cut off one of its many heads and another grows in its stead. So let’s accompany it, let’s move along because the opportunities provided by ONPASSIVE are varied and extensive. They are, to borrow Mr Charles Osong’s (one of its leaders’) emphasis, “HUGE”. Upon launch the number of founders may well exceed 500.000, may even be close to a million. After launch hundreds of thousands of fresh resellers may join.

If you project on these projections by looking at the possible commissions they can get from ONPASSIVE’S generous payment structure, then you are going to see impacts that are transformative in the communities, to say the least.

By virtue of these factors I can speculate (conservatively) that within the first ten (10) years of its launching, ONPASSIVE would have made between 1.5 and 2 million millionaires, spread across the different states and countries of the world. The impact of this, especially its fairly even distribution will simply be extraordinary. This could be in far flung villages, in cities and their slumps or even in refugee communities and helping to improve on their education, nutrition, health, agriculture, etc.

Apart from investments that boost jobs, there will be more financial independence, increased confidence and more and more control over their political lives.

I venture to add that the ONPASSIVE revolution promises to be better in its results than the decades of development schemes that often ended up being entangled in the web of corrupt bureaucracies or mismanaged by government ineptitude. It also means that within the next decade millions of founders and resellers finding themselves in the money because of ONPASSIVE, will be directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of new investors, new investments, new jobs and new charities in the world.


By keeping ONPASSIVE away from Wall Street and the millionaires of the metropolis, Mr Mufareh is signaling a subtle indictment of the status quo, a deeply grounded statement, even a philosophical one. He is structuring the company and pointing to a new direction.


It must be said in very plain terms that someone needed to take that moral bold step and address the perpetual problem of inequality in wealth distribution. He is taking the moral high ground, reminding the rest of the world that the current business model which gathers wealth into a few hands is no longer sustainable. It needs a serious rethink. In fact, money grubbing should end.

ONPASSIVE is offering founding positions which are at the reach of nearly everyone at a modest $97. Apart from that the company is also giving them enough time to make good this modest once-in-a-lifetime out-of-pocket payment for life long monthly residual income. This way, Mufareh, ONPASSIVE and top aides believe that no one who signs up is left behind.

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Onpassive launches new product - 15th Feb 2021

The platform empowers students and tutors alike to have a unified access to a world of resources, thus making it suitable for all online education related services.

Hyderabad: Onpassive launched its first product O-Cademy under the education segment as an MVP (minimum viable product). The platform empowers students and tutors alike to have a unified access to a world of resources, thus making it suitable for all online education related services.

Ash Mufareh, founder & CEO, Onpassive, said, “With O-Cademy we are heading onto a new age of learning and teaching. You can have your fun and still learn while you earn. It is a great opportunity to polish your skills with upcoming technical trends and monetise your earning with a great career. Whether you are a teacher or a learner O-Cademy will unleash your learning to maximum potential.”

O-Cademy is a platform that connects students all over the world with the instructors online. The e-learning platform assists instructors in improving their course searchability and gets the course recommendations. It also allows category-wise filtration of courses as per the user’s choice.

Audio and video facilities ensure ease of learning and teaching for every user. It comes with an in-built face recognition system for authentication and is equipped with a multi-lingual feature that lets one learn or teach from any part of the world. The platform aims to build the world’s most extensive educational repository by engaging and empowering educators to share their insights.

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APN News Press Release
ONPASSIVE Launched its First New Product O-Cademy 15th Feb 2021

The platform empowers students and tutors alike to have a unified access to a world of resources, thus making it suitable for all online education related services.

ONPASSIVE, the global provider of predictive, intelligent business automation services, today launched its first product O-Cademy under the education segment as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). The platform empowers students and tutors alike to have a unified access to a world of resources, thus making it a one stop solution for all online education related services. The company also relaunched its website with upgraded features, easy navigation and user-friendly options to facilitate its growing business ecosystem.

Mr. Ash Mufareh – Founder & CEO, ONPASSIVE who congratulated the team virtually from USA on the occasion said, “This is an exciting moment for the entire ONPASSIVE team as we launch our first product. With O-Cademy we are heading onto a new age of learning and teaching. You can have your fun and still learn while you earn. It is a great opportunity to polish your skills with upcoming technical trends and monetize your earning with a great career. Whether you are a teacher or a learner O-Cademy will unleash your learning to maximum potential.”

O-Cademy is a unique and incredible platform created by ONPASSIVE, where it connects students all over the world with the best instructors online. O-Cademy boasts of exceptional features to guarantee one of a kind user experience. The e-learning platform assists instructors in improving their course searchability in the platform and gets the course recommendations.

O-Cademy offers a unique and highly adaptable platform that allows category wise filtration of courses as per the user’s choice. High quality audio and video facilities ensure ease of learning and teaching for every user. O-Cademy comes with an in-built face recognition system for authentication and is equipped with a multi-lingual feature that lets you learn or teach from any part of the world.

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