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“Life is nothing but a huge adventure!”
One of NEWCHOYCES´s first projects to that respect is the issuance of its very own utility token called “CHOYCE”. CHOYCE will represent the first real adventure token, enabling its holders to become a part of an all-new adventure ecosystem.

By raising funds via the utility token, a team of senior experts at NEWCHOYCE will link together a network of adventure projects around the world to implement an infrastructure including access and payment technology.


Token holders will be able to claim steep discounts, fast track entrance access, faster and more convenient payment options and much more.


The required joint ventures, the technology and hardware to build this network will be financed via the utility token and will finally benefit every single token holder.


The discounts, the VIP treatment and the offers of rare opportunities in this sector will be exclusive to token holders.


As of today, NEWCHOYCE has already signed contracts with partner companies around the world to immediately offer an added value to token holders.

CHOYCE goes far beyond this point…

In the near future an entire eco-system around CHOYCE will be built. Token Holders will have own VISA/Mastercards, enabling them to use their card anywhere VISA/Mastercards are accepted.


Cash withdrawals with suitable limits will no longer be a problem.


A very own app with features that will start with Tap & Go payment solutions all the way to giving you fast track access to some of our most exciting adventure venues will just be the tip of the iceberg.

Already during the pre-launch phase all active members who hold at least 500 CHOYCE tokens will have an exclusive Pearl Island VIP membership with access to restricted areas of the island, a 20% discount on VIP packages and much more.


This will give a little taste to valued CHOYCE token holders and a peak view into an entire new world.

Pearl Island Bahamas is the start, more adventures will follow, new islands will be added and benefits for all token holders will be created.
Pearl Island Bahamas (20min east of Nassau).



One of the most important missions of NEWCHOYCE is to EDUCATE!
Educating the affiliates on the new economy and to convey the knowhow of NEWCHOYCE’S founders to a very large audience not limited to regional areas.


Reaching people who lack on education due to whatever reason especially in the overwhelming fast-growing area of the new world of crypto is the key goal!

Those educational offers are set up in gaining more knowledge in cryptocurrencies, exchanges, ICO´s, STO´s, etc.


This will enable members to come out as winners in a world that is in a transition mode from the old economy into the new economy.

Knowing the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the year of 2012 would have put many people into a very comfortable financial situation.


Trends were set; however, the run has just started.

Knowing the fundamentals now means to be on top of the wave and puts anyone into a pole position.

Every affiliate of NEWCHOYCE automatically receives his own wallet. Classes around how to use it and why it’s important to be a part of this new form of banking will be provided.

Nutrition Products

NEWCHOYCE’S main focus concentrates on new economy, however none of it matters if its community is not strong and healthy.

The founders of NEWCHOYCE strongly believe that only a healthy soul can move mountains.

Since NEWCHOYCE is a project, driven by team-work, it is a matter of course to its founders to share great products with the community to stay healthy TOGETHER.


In the coming months, revolutionary products with scientific background will be EXCLUSIVELY offered to the affiliate community.
It doesn’t stop there!


What would this beautiful world be without animals, especially our beloved pets?! The exclusive nutrition products will shortly after also be available for pets! A own line of products, designed for a wide selection of pets will be introduced during the ICO phase.


New Choyce Link 1

New Choyce Link 2

The following list contains a small selection of benefits, among many others that will be added throughout the ICO Phase:
- Discounts of at least 20% at all CHOYCE connected venues
- Exclusive Offers
- VIP Entrance & Fast Track Access
- Cashless Tap & Go Payment
- Access to an exclusive Travel Booking Platform
CHOYCE Tokens will open doors to adventurists around the world. Adventures can include:
- Indoor/Outdoor Activity Venues such as Ski Resorts, Bike Parks, Ski Resorts, Golf Venues, Bike Rentals,
Hiking Tour Operators, Ball Sport Venues, Extreme Sport Venues and many more!
- Travel Related Activities such as Hotel Bookings, Flights and other means of transportation.

New Choyce ICO