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100% Automatic marketing solution

automated traffic, marketing and automatic customer acquisition


"It is a real technological, economic, humanitarian revolution in every way. "
--- Mr. Ash Mufareh
The ONPASSIVE product is a revolutionary, stand-alone, artificial intelligence-driven online marketing business solution. ONPASSIVE will be the largest company in history. We will be the owner of the digital world.

The company that recently opened its India headquarters in Hyderabad is developing 50 products.
US-based ONPASSIVE, a provider of predictive, intelligent business automation services. is creating one holistic and inclusive solutions platform driven by artificial intelligence that meets digital needs of enterprises, non-profit organisations, governments, academia and other segments.
The company is creating a digital platform that will integrate 40-50 unique and original products developed by its engineers and software developers from across the world, including its Hyderabad team.


We focus on people- centric business and are creating one broad-based technology solution. We want to be a value and customer experience driven solution provider catering to varied needs of communication, human resource management, book keeping, accounting, monetisation of business, financial solutions, marketing and education. We will share profits with our resellers and users with our unique business model.”


The company believes communication and marketing tools could be the first set of solutions that will be quickly adopted by businesses and individuals. ONPASSIVE wants to break the monopoly in several segments that it is targeting.


See NEWS and press release over the world


Our participating founders get the first products in their online office on March 2021

The founders get access to this and future products by paying a founder fee of $ 97 click here to become a founder

Products can be found in the GoFounders section on the inside of the ONPASSIVE


We are real deal!

See the blog page for what has been written about us around the world!
You can read everything in your own language by using the translator feature here on the site.

You can also use a translator on our news page

What do you get from us?

-You will receive all of our high-performance programs in the future by paying a single monthly fee, after which you will pay future monthly fees through the system for future income.


-When you join us, there is still time to become a founder of the company as well.


-You will receive automatic earnings from us. You also get automated marketing, automated traffic and automated customer acquisition, and more for your business at no extra charge.

You can advertise in the above ways at no extra cost to websites backed by a registered company.

On the actual release date, you will receive dozens of products, all products are automated.
New products are added all the time, all products also have more features on a regular basis.


-With the automatic income coming through the system, you get the money raised to pay the next monthly payment, in addition to this you earn. The founder fee is now $ 97 and when we start the soft launch the founder fee goes up to $ 149 and when there is an official launch, all founder positions are closed.


-On the day of release, it is possible for everyone to become a reseller or customer, in addition to a free trial period, approximately 7 -14 days.

During that time, you can join for free and start collecting with automatic income for the first monthly payment, at this point once the monthly payment has been paid, the actual earning will begin.

Welcome to OnPassive family

Uk and Ireland Public ONPASSIVE Webinar Presentation with Slides
MONDAY 5:00pm est  - 4:00 pm est next week. CLICK HERE

Learn about our exclusive ONPASSIVE culture

ONPASSIVE Product Line

Once you have joined as a founder. So what next?

Go to your ONPASSIVE back office to watch webinars, explore the community, etc.
You will also be able to contact us through this because you have joined through this site.


Once you have joined as a founder, join the Forum on our site and contact the Forum administrator, tell us your name as a founder and we will add you to the Forum for your support area.
So make this if you want to contact us

Stay tuned..

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